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How to remove UAC for a specific program in Windows 7

I looked around on the net and couldn't find any easy way to do this. It seems as though in Windows 7 you can only turn it on OR off for ALL programs, not individual ones (Control Panel -> System and Security -> Change User Account Control Settings). However, I did find a way to remove UAC for an individual program by tricking it using Task Scheduler!

Open Task Scheduler - Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.

Click "Create Task".

Enter a "Name" for the task (whatever you like) and click "Run with highest privileges". From the drop down menu "Configure for:" select "Windows 7 etc". If the task is for another user change the "Change User or Group..." to their username, if it's for you just leave it as you own.

Under the "Actions" tab click the "New" button. Select "Start a program" from the "Action" dropdown bar. Browse to the program you would like to open without the UAC prompt.

Under the "Settings" tab ensure that "Allow task to be run on demand" and "If the running task does not end when requested force it to stop" are ticked. Change the dropdown menu to "Stop the existing instance". Click "Ok" and exit Task Scheduler.

Create a bat file (open notepad > file > save as = example.bat). In notepad type C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "taskname"

"Taskname" refers to the name you gave to the task you created in Task Scheduler.

When you run the .bat file you will now be able to open the program you wanted to run WITHOUT the UAC prompt. Magic!